From the desk of Jack Murray CEO of Dream Illusions:

Terms of Sales & Policies

  • Any damage during shipping MUST be reported at TIME OF DELIVERY. If case or crate has any damage, contents must be examined AT TIME OF DELIVERY in order to be successful at filing a claim. There may be times when the consignee must be responsible for filing said claim.

Pictures & videos on the website.

  • From time to time, design changes and improvements will be made in order to provide the best product to price ratio, thereby providing the buyer with an affordable Illusion. These changes may NOT always be reflected in "real time" on the website due to the nature of website management & time constraints.

COMMUNICATION of an issue or problem

  • Although email & texting can be very convenient, often times the real message & meaning can be lost or obscured. It is therefore mandatory, some issues MUST be communicated by a simple phone conversation. We will, at our desecration, elect to resolve any issue ONLY by phone & certainly for domestic buyers.

Refund/Return Policy

  • As is standard for any magic related item, returns & refunds are NEVER allowed. It IS however, always our intent and policy to address any issue the best we can to provide the buyer with a positive buying experience. Return shipping is the responsibility of the BUYER, but will be considered on a case by case basis.