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Jack Murray is proud to share the news of relocating to larger space! With the ambition of bringing you even better illusions, Dream Illusions has relocated to a larger space in DeFuniak Springs, Florida.

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Fabrication Materials


Dream Illusions fabricates exclusively in aluminum for most of their props. It's mig welded for strength, but still breaks down for packing. We also use a very durable powder coat finish on the metal. This insures the prop you get is built to last and is far superior to a prop built of wood.







Split Ends




Platform Levitation




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When placing an order, we will require a

 deposit up front. Deposits are non-refundable as time, effort and materials

has already gone into building

your Dream Illusion!


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Dream Illusions Testimonial

from Stevens Magic!


:We have had the benefit of working with Jack Murray of Dream Illusions for more than 10 years. Over the years, we have sold many of his illusions and have never had a problem with them.


In fact, I remember Shawn Farquhar told me he purchased a Fire Cage built by Jack Murray and was very pleased with it. I knew at this point, being that Shawn is a true "worker", that this item would more than holds it's own.


Jack Murray is exceptionally diligent and aggressive when it comes to satisfying customers. We at Stevens Magic, therefore, fully endorse both the man -- and his many incredible illusions!




Joe & Mark Stevens

(316) 683-9582

The staff of Stevens Magic


Dream Illusions Testimonial

from Bill Blagg!


:I just wanted to share some comments about a recent project I hired Jack Murray's Dream Illusions to complete, and I think others may gain from this insight.

I think a lot of business owners today have really gotten away from true customer service. What I mean by that is insuring their client is happy, being there to handle and issues, providing a high quality product at a fair price, and importantly following up. With that being said, I can't say enough for Jack's work ethic and what customer service means to him. The project I hired him for had a near impossible completion date and that was before we factored in the other projects he currently had in the works (and the additonal one I added mid phase). Needless to say, Jack met the deadline and the completed projects are on their way as I write this.

I was most impressed with Jack's level of communication and honesty. I think a lot of businesses make promises they can't keep, and Jack was cautious to be very straight forward with me. He stayed in touch with me throughout the project by keeping me posted as to progress and how things were going. The digital photos consistently sent to me really added a nice touch so I could see the day by day progress. I just think this level of service is rare in many cases today.

Today I think a lot of people just don't follow up. Plain and simple. They make the contact, promise things, and then disappear. Jack and I actually both shared stories of frustration on that very point. Business relationships are a two way street as we all know. So it's important for the clients to keep good on their word and not waste the business owners time if they truly have no intention or means to make good on their statements. Seeking information is fine, but making promises and not following through really sets a negative impression. Overall, I'm just extremely pleased with the level of service and communication I experienced on this custom project, and it's good to know quality business owners are still out there. Jack Murray's Dream Illusions has my vote and I will definitely be doing business with him again.




Bill Blagg


Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Dream Illusions Testimonial

from Kent Wong!


The Dream Illusions Fire Cage is a beautifully made illusion from the mind of Jack Murray. His no-bolt design is truly amazing. I can single-handedly get this out of the ATA case and assembled in about 5 minutes. The fire mechanism is fool proof and the optical illusion created is absolutely perfect. Considering the price and quality of this illusion, you can't go wrong.




Kent Wong


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Dream Illusions Testimonial

from Shawn Farquhar!


For the price, Jack Murray's Fire Cage is well made and the fire mechanism is awesome. I owned and used it regularly with no issues.




Shawn Farquhar


Maple Ridge, British Columbia




Dream Illusions Testimonial

from Cardone!


Jack's stuff rules! I have two of his pieces one being the Firecage !!! Well made, solid and sets up fast ....all things that are good for the working class entertainer!






New York, New York





Phone (727) 599-9326
or contact us via E-Mail






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